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Be Fair Be Vegan 2017
1 HR AGO - We are beyond excited to share with our readers the latest news from Gentle World’s partner Expand
Animal News You Can Use: Alaska’s refuges are refuges no more
8 HRS AGO - The big (and dark) news this week: the Senate passed a resolution (already passed by the House) Expand
Potato Chips
13 HRS AGO - Early last fall, our good friends Nick & Liz friends had heard about the Beyond Burger from Expand
Words so smooth...
15 HRS AGO - I've been reading a book titled: Birth of a Nation'hood: Gaze, Script and Spectacle in the O. J. Expand
Arkansas Passes Debilitating Ag-Gag Bill
16 HRS AGO - The state enacted a bill that will jeopardize citizens' ability to report abuse across industries Expand
Vegan Junk Food Bar to Open in Amsterdam in April
16 HRS AGO - The munchies capital of the world will welcome a plant-based eatery, with burgers and fries galore.
Southwestern Bean and Rice Chili
22 HRS AGO - By Lisa Rimmert, Director of Development “Can you cook?” It’s a question I never really know how Expand
How to Make Natural Hand Sanitizer
1 DAY AGO - Making homemade beauty, household, and everyday products is such a cinch these days, and it saves Expand
Vegan Beauty Review - blog
Shared by Vegan Beauty Review
Get Valuable Experts Advice of Personal TrainingAt your House Daily
1 DAY AGO - If you want to stay happy and fit, then the best thing which you can do is to exercise daily. Expand
Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Tips for a Great Vegan Brunch
7 HRS AGO - Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s Tips for a Great Vegan Brunch: If you’re going to listen anyone when it Expand
3 Ways Your Plant-Strong Life is Changing the World
10 HRS AGO -   If you’ve been a member of our plant-strong tribe for some time now, you know about the Expand
Whole Plant Food Blog
Shared by The Engine 2 Diet
How to Use Crop Rotation for Healthier Soils and Higher Productivity
14 HRS AGO - A vital part to thinking long-term with organic gardening is to learn about and utilize crop Expand
Laura Theodore’s Guacamole Taco Salad Bowls
15 HRS AGO - These tempting taco salad bowls make the perfect hearty lunch or light supper. Quick to make, Expand
Forbes Spotlights Women Challenging the Food Industry
16 HRS AGO - The prominent media outlet focused on powerful women working toward fixing the broken food system, Expand
Peanut Butter Snow Balls
22 HRS AGO - Here’s a sweet and simple treat that uses only a few ingredients, but packs a lot of flavor! Expand
Vegetarian blog
Shared by Happy Cow
Kim Campbell and Pamela Rice
1 DAY AGO -   Listen: Tuesday, March 28, 2017, 4pm ET by going to PRN, The Progressive Radio Network. Expand
Vegan Banana Blueberry Bread (Gluten-Free)
1 DAY AGO - How fun! This is a twist on the traditional banana bread, with a pop of color and blueberry Expand
Vegetarian blog
Shared by Happy Cow
March 2017 Vegan Cuts Snack Box Review
7 HRS AGO - The Vegan Cuts Snack Box delivers 7-10 dee-lish vegan snackie treats (chips, cookies, popcorn, Expand
Vegan Beauty Review - blog
Shared by Vegan Beauty Review
Harvard Hosts Vegan Conference | VegNews
13 HRS AGO - Students will discuss the bioethical implications of the vegan diet at the sixth annual Ivy League Expand
The Many Benefits of Using Endomet Supplements
14 HRS AGO - Nutrition is important. Each person must make sure they get adequate nutrition each day. Expand
Harvard Hosts Vegan Conference
16 HRS AGO - Students will discuss the bioethical implications of the vegan diet at the sixth annual Ivy League Expand
Vegan Shrimp to Hit Shelves Next Month
16 HRS AGO - New Wave's innovative algae-based popcorn shrimp will debut ahead of schedule due to widespread Expand
Alexis Clark
22 HRS AGO - Continuing our series of activist profiles, today we talk to Vegan Outreach Intern Alexis Clark. A Expand
This vegan red velvet beet shake is killer … Recipe on...
1 DAY AGO - This vegan red velvet beet shake is killer … Recipe on >>
Chickens forced to fight to the death now living the good life! Support their care with this mega cute shirt!
1 DAY AGO - Get your Fearless Flock shirt here!One of our most beloved rescues, Woodstock Farm Sanctuary, Expand



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