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101-Location Chain Burgerfi Adds Vegan Beyond Burger
2 HRS AGO - The vegan patty will be available at eight locations of the growing gourmet burger chain Expand
A Vegan Wine Escape to Monterey County
2 HRS AGO - A short drive from San Francisco, Monterey County is quickly becoming a vegan haven for wine Expand
How To Up The Ante On Your Eco-Beach Footprint: Tips For A Clean And Green Beach Day
10 HRS AGO - Tips for a Clean and Green Beach Day: You all know the saying “sun’s out, buns out”? Well, the sun Expand
Hampton Creek to Debut Slaughter-Free Meat Next Year
14 HRS AGO - The billion-dollar company behind Just Mayo has been secretly making cultured meat for the past Expand
Activist Spotlight: Lowcountry Vegan Community Outreach
18 HRS AGO - Lowcountry Vegan Community Outreach held a Food Sampling stall at their local Earth Day festival Expand
How to Easily Forage Chickweed – and Why You Should!
22 HRS AGO - Chickweed, aka Stellaria media, is another great option, much tastier than dandelion but still Expand
Plant Protein Slashes Risk of Early Onset Menopause
1 DAY AGO - Eating plant-based protein benefits reproductive health, while women who consume just one serving Expand
What Vegans Eat – Day 866, Travel Edition
1 DAY AGO - Breakfast: Gary’s been asked by his niece, Lisa and her fiancé Brian, to officiate at their Expand
Hidden Gem: Sprig & Vine (with tips)
1 DAY AGO - Every time I visit Sprig & Vine, I think about how many people I know in New Jersey and Expand
New Tech Gadget Detects Milk and Meat in Food
2 HRS AGO - The "Ally" is being developed by a vegetarian engineering student to check for the presence of Expand
One-Quarter of New Zealanders to Drop Meat by 2025
2 HRS AGO - Research shows New Zealand residents are increasingly leaving meat of their plates.
BIG NEWS: Hampton Creek has secretly been developing,...
11 HRS AGO - BIG NEWS: Hampton Creek has secretly been developing, slaughter-free, lab-grown meat for the past Expand
I can’t believe it’s not Butter has gone vegan, I could not...
15 HRS AGO - I can’t believe it’s not Butter has gone vegan, I could not believe it.
Hearts of Palm Lobster Rolls
20 HRS AGO - The Lusty Vegan co-author Ayindé Howell veganized lobster rolls, a New England summertime Expand
"I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" Goes Vegan
1 DAY AGO - The non-butter spread launches a vegan certified "It's Vegan" product to appeal to cruelty-free Expand
17 Vegan Matcha Recipes You'll Lose Your Mind Over
1 DAY AGO - Don’t know much about matcha? Follow our guide to this green ingredient, and you’ll be Expand
100-percent vegan, fully customizable, completely...
1 DAY AGO - 100-percent vegan, fully customizable, completely Instagrammable, gourmet cinnamon rolls are Expand
Are you a ~very extra vegan~!? If the answer is HELL YES (and it...
1 DAY AGO - Are you a ~very extra vegan~!? If the answer is HELL YES (and it should be), why not tell the Expand
Serena Williams Invests in Vegan Smoothie Brand
2 HRS AGO - Ready-to-blend smoothie company Daily Harvest attracts celebrity capital from Gwyneth Paltrow and Expand
Vegan World Radio - Tue 27 Jun 2017
9 HRS AGO - <p>Telling the story of the vegan revolution that's saving the animals, the planet Expand
Blue on Blue Cruelty-Free Mani with Pacifica & Kokie
13 HRS AGO - Happy Vegan & Cruelty-Free Mani (Tues)Day! Ha, I know I usually bang these out on Mondays but Expand
Vegan Beauty Review - blog
Shared by Vegan Beauty Review
Avant Garden New York
15 HRS AGO - Avant Garden is a wonderful vegan restaurant in East Village, New York. When you walk through the Expand
Vegetarian blog
Shared by Happy Cow
Treating Kidney Stones with Diet
22 HRS AGO - Studies suggest that excessive consumption of animal protein poses a risk of kidney stone Expand
Vegan Nutrition Blog
Shared by Nutrition Facts
Las Vegas Pasta Shop Debuts 20-Dish Vegan Menu
1 DAY AGO - The Pasta Shop and Art Gallery adds a vegan menu to appease growing vegan scene in Las Vegas.
France Historically Awards Vegan Chef With Coveted Title
1 DAY AGO - The country's officials awarded Willy Berton of Vegan Gorilla in Nice the prestigious title of Expand
3 Survival Tactics For Vegans In An Inter-Dietary Household
1 DAY AGO - Whichever reason prompted you to go on the vegan path, it all started with one person making a Expand
Vegetarian blog
Shared by Happy Cow



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