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Boerqi Bistro near Mossel Bay
6 HRS AGO - Boerqi Bistro is on the Garden Route nestled at the foot of the Outeniqua mountains in the Expand
Mini Cookie Dough Fudge Pops
14 HRS AGO - Oh boy did I spend a lot of time getting this popsicle recipe just right. I’m picky about my Expand
NYC All-You-Can-Eat Ice Cream Fest Offers Vegan Scoops
20 HRS AGO - Three-day festival Scooper Bowl in Bryant Park will treat guests to ice cream of every variety, Expand
UK Version of Beyond Burger Expands Across London
21 HRS AGO - British vegan brand Moving Mountains expands its B12 burger to five locations of meat-centric Expand
Eco Diva cruelty-free products
1 DAY AGO - Eco Diva have developed a new generation of organic skincare products with formulas and Expand
5 Simple Foods That Quickly Relieve Stomach Cramps and Aid in Digestion
1 DAY AGO - Here are some top picks to choose when you have cramps, along with why they work, and the best Expand
Mena Suvari Has Vegan Epiphany at Moby's Restaurant
1 DAY AGO - The newly vegan actress felt like an "a**hole" for bringing a leather handbag to Expand
Kat Von D Debuts 10th Anniversary Vegan Beauty Line
1 DAY AGO - The animal activist launched a limited-edition, golden-hued vegan makeup collection inspired by Expand
What Vegans Eat – Day 1197, Travel Edition
2 DAYS AGO - Breakfast: Visiting Quebec, it’s our second morning here and we have breakfast down. I had Expand
DIY Spa Days Are Great But a Day at the Spa is Better
9 HRS AGO - If you look up one of the most popular methods for relieving stress, you’ll find spa treatments or Expand
How Do America’s Top Grocers Stack Up in Food Waste?
19 HRS AGO - Food waste is a major issue in America. A recent study funded by the USDA found that Americans Expand
Animal Ag Companies Fined $29M for Destroying Amazon
21 HRS AGO - The government of Brazil slapped a hefty fine on feed suppliers to meat and dairy companies that Expand
Legendary Canadian Rugby Player Starts Vegan Cheese Brand
21 HRS AGO - Nick Blevins' vegan lifestyle improved his performance on the field so much that he established a Expand
1 DAY AGO - Aurora: American white man Orlando: American white man Parkland: American white man Las Vegas: Expand
Resveratrol Supplements Are Finally Put to the Test
1 DAY AGO - “If one searches the Internet for anti-aging interventions, a vast array of techniques are Expand
Vegan Nutrition Blog
Shared by Nutrition Facts
Pittsburgh Gets Its First Vegan Ice Cream Shop
1 DAY AGO - Vegan cone and cake shop Sugar Spell Scoops will sell cashew-based scoops and whimsical unicorn Expand
Missouri Passes Bill Limiting Meat Labels to Dead Animals
1 DAY AGO - Those in opposition to the bill—which purports it is alleviating consumer confusion around Expand
Vegan Bros. Matt Letten and Phil Letten
2 DAYS AGO - The Vodka Is Vegan authors and online celebs' goal is to "raise up an army of fit, sexy vegan Expand
How to Deal With Some Detox Symptoms When You Go Vegan
14 HRS AGO - Many people who transition into a plant-based diet go through a detox period. Here are some tips Expand
It’s all about the plants!
20 HRS AGO - The rise in “stock-free” farming Even as plant-based diets become more common, and the word Expand
Moby Retires from Touring to Focus on Activism
21 HRS AGO - …and to make vegan smoothies every morning after waking up in his own bed.
World's Top Chocolate Supplier Shifts Focus to Dairy-Free
21 HRS AGO - Europe's Barry Callebaut—the brand that discovered ruby chocolate last year—has big Expand
7 Ways to Use Food Scraps in the Garden (They’re Not Just for Compost)
1 DAY AGO - While most of us hopefully know by now that our food scraps can be composted, here are some Expand
Natural Ingredients to Help Combat Cellulite
1 DAY AGO - Although it’s completely normal and nothing to conceal, cellulite bothers some much more than Expand
Meat Company Finds Americans Are Afraid of Hot Dogs
1 DAY AGO - Meat brand Applegate finds that 47 percent of consumers are scared to discover the ingredients in Expand
Pizza Chain Becomes First in Asia to Offer Vegan Cheese
1 DAY AGO - Pizza Express adds three new vegan pies featuring Daiya Foods cheese to its Sai Ying Pun location.



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