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Vegan Mushroom Stew, one pot, 30 minutes
7 HRS AGO - An easy, savory, flavorful, meaty and piping hot bowl of Mushroom Stew is exactly the kind of food Expand
Kenya’s Samburu Warriors to Participate in Saving the Elephants 10K Charity Race
12 HRS AGO - The 2017 Saving the Elephants Run will take place this coming November 18th from 9:00AM to 12:00PM Expand
Fluffy Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Pancakes (Vegan)
15 HRS AGO - First pumpkin recipe of the year! Since discovering you can buy pumpkin puree in the UK (Tesco Expand
Green Day and Kat Von D Collaborate on Vegan Eyeliner
1 DAY AGO - Billie Joe Armstrong has teamed with vegan beauty mogul Kat Von D on her upcoming, animal-friendly Expand
Steakhouse Debuts Vegan Menu to Attract New Diners
1 DAY AGO - Historic New World Inn in Pensacola, Florida will now offer cauliflower steaks, mushroom Reubens, Expand
Me too.
1 DAY AGO - -->Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest for me, something I don’t do very well or very often Expand
Ultimate flourless brownies for two + Cookbook news!
1 DAY AGO - Several months ago, my publishing team let me know about an exciting idea that Indigo had proposed Expand
Vegan Cupcakes Debut at Starbucks
2 DAYS AGO - Select South Florida locations of the major coffeehouse will now stock vegan passionfruit cupcakes Expand
13 Things You Didn't Know About Nuts That Every Self-Respecting Vegan Should
2 DAYS AGO - Cashews can kill, macadamias are nearly indestructible, and it may be time for peanut butter and Expand
Vegan Burgers & Burritos: Easy and Delicious Whole Food Recipes for the Everyday Cook
9 HRS AGO - Say goodbye to dry, boring and overly processed and hello to easy, fun and delicious veggie Expand
Positivitea Reboot
13 HRS AGO - Positivitea was closed for renovation for a while, but they're back and the food is better than Expand
Did You Get the Memo? We’ve Got Demos!
18 HRS AGO - We’ve been on the lookout for new ways to show off the contents of our boxes, and we may have Expand
All-You-Can-Eat Vegan Pizza Night Hits Liverpool
1 DAY AGO - Liverpool's Santa Maluco entices diners with unlimited wood-fired vegan pizzas featuring mock Expand
Creamy Vegan Pumpkin Pasta
1 DAY AGO - Penne is drenched in a silky cashew pumpkin sauce and seasoned with savory sage and a dash of Expand
3 Healthy And Hearty Vegan Soup Recipes
1 DAY AGO - Simply Quinoa knows the way to our hearts–warm and hearty soup for a chilly fall day! And Expand
Vegetarian blog
Shared by Happy Cow
Bombay Wraps with Apple Raisin Chutney & Quick Pickled Onions
1 DAY AGO - These Bombay wraps with apple raisin chutney & quick pickled onions are a great example of Expand
Escaped Brooklyn Bull Rescued by NJ Sanctuary
2 DAYS AGO - A terrified bull became an internet sensation this week after escaping a slaughterhouse and Expand
Dietitian-Backed Vegan Support Program Debuts in US
2 DAYS AGO - The new nutrition program—developed by registered dietitians—teaches people how to Expand
VIETNAM: The strongest condemnation of UNESCO’s cruel monkey circus is their own
11 HRS AGO - A year after being alerted to animal abuse at a UNESCO-accredited facility, the UN agency has Expand
Come Hang Out With Me Tomorrow at 100% Pure!
13 HRS AGO - You guyyyyyyys!!! I’m gonna be hanging out at 100% Pure’s Vancouver, WA location (8700 Expand
Vegan Beauty Review - blog
Shared by Vegan Beauty Review
Easy Roasted Tomato Soup with Cashew Cream {Recipe}
23 HRS AGO - Hearty, comforting tomato soup has never been this easy.
Danone's New Vegan Brands Drive $760M Profit Spike
1 DAY AGO - The $12.5 billion acquisition of WhiteWave—known for its plant-based brands—proves Expand
That’s right—you can now get vegan cupcakes at select Starbucks...
1 DAY AGO - That’s right—you can now get vegan cupcakes at select Starbucks locations. But where? Check out Expand
10 Pairs Of Gorgeous, Cozy, And Practical Vegan Boots
1 DAY AGO - It’s about that time to put on your comfy boots.. and not take them off til April! If you Expand
Who Should Avoid Coffee?
1 DAY AGO - Do coffee drinkers live longer than non-coffee drinkers? Is it “wake up and smell the coffee” or Expand
Vegan Nutrition Blog
Shared by Nutrition Facts
Miami Meat Smokers Go Vegan for BBQ Throwdown
2 DAYS AGO - Barbecue meat experts drop animal products to smoke vegan meats for a friendly competition ahead Expand



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