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No Purveyor of Unhealthy Products Wants the Public to Know the Truth
11 HRS AGO - In 2011, Denmark introduced the world’s first tax on saturated fat. “After only 15 months, Expand
Vegan Nutrition Blog
Shared by Nutrition Facts
One Man’s Journey to Veganism and Saving Orangutans
1 DAY AGO - World Vegan Day is Nov. 1, 2020. By definition, veganism is a philosophy and way of living which Expand
How To Support Your Local Farmer
1 DAY AGO - Back in the day, before super markets were on every corner of your neighborhood and people didn’t Expand
Vegan Dating App Surpasses 200,000 Users Worldwide
2 DAYS AGO - Dating app Veggly now boasts more than 200,000 members in 181 countries—representing an Expand
Tabitha Brown Teaches Laverne Cox To Cook Vegan Food on New Target-Sponsored Series  
4 DAYS AGO - Vegan influencer Tabitha Brown taught actress and LGBTQ+ activist Laverne Cox—of Orange Is Expand
Nutritious Plant-Based Meals Every Kid Will Love
4 DAYS AGO - Plant-based meals can be both nutritious and delicious for kids, not just adults. Check out these Expand
Vegan Ice Cream Brand Launches “Emotional Support” Package for Election Week
4 DAYS AGO - New high-tech vegan ice cream brand Brave Robot has launched a “Vote for the Future” Expand
Califia Farms’ New Vegan Butter Launches at Target
5 DAYS AGO - This week, vegan brand Califia Farms launched its new plant-based butter line at Target stores Expand
70% Taking Common Antidepressants Suffer Sexual Side Effects
5 DAYS AGO - What’s the latest on treating depression with the spice saffron? Years ago, I covered a Expand
Vegan Nutrition Blog
Shared by Nutrition Facts
Eat Well, Be Well: 100+ Healthy Re-creations of the Food You Crave
1 DAY AGO - This 100% plant-based, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free cookbook will help you achieve your Expand
Introducing Sustainable and Vegan Artist, Gaeya
1 DAY AGO - Gaeya puts sustainability at the forefront of all her music. She has released her debut single Expand
All About Recycled Plastic Clothing and What You Should be Weary of
2 DAYS AGO - Microplastics have been found in the digestive systems of hundreds of different species, starting Expand
Orlando Kind Lifers: We’re Hiring!
3 DAYS AGO - Hi Kind Lifers! I’m in Orlando, and looking for some help! If you have childcare (and bonus light Expand
We Can’t Save The Amazon Or Prevent Pandemics, Unless We Change Our Diets.
4 DAYS AGO - The Amazon is disappearing at an alarming rate, but what’s so important about this tropical Expand
Trans Entrepreneur Launches Vegan Cheese Brand After Restaurant Closure 
4 DAYS AGO - Canadian entrepreneur Sophia Banks recently launched vegan powdered cheese company Vegan Canteen. Expand
Groundbreaking Program Will Grow Slaughter-Free Meat in Space and Other Planets
4 DAYS AGO - This week, Israel-based cellular agriculture startup Aleph Farms launched Aleph Zero, a new Expand
7 Fun Halloween Activities for Homebound Trick-or-Treaters
5 DAYS AGO - A home-bound Halloween can be as exciting as — nay, perhaps more exciting than — those Expand
Vegan Banana Bread Mix Launches at Nordstrom Rack
5 DAYS AGO - This month, vegan and gluten-free banana bread company GoNanas is launching its at-home banana Expand
Shake Up Your Holiday Dishes with Plant-Based Parmesan
1 DAY AGO - With just the right condiment, a plain salad becomes a festival of flavors, a plate of vegetables Expand
The Surprising Health Benefits of Pumpkin
1 DAY AGO - Consuming pumpkin regularly can improve your immunity, give your digestion a boost, and even Expand
UK’s Vegan Applewood Cheese to Launch Across Canada
2 DAYS AGO - United Kingdom-based dairy brand Norseland is expanding distribution of its popular Applewood Expand
Universal Studios Chef Shares Recipe for Florida Park’s Popular Vegan Mac and Cheese
3 DAYS AGO - Ron Cope, an executive sous chef at Universal Orlando, recently shared his recipe for Jack’D Expand
EU Votes to Allow Veggie Meats to Be Called “Burgers” and “Sausages”
4 DAYS AGO - Today, the Members of Parliament of the European Union (EU) voted to reject Amendment 165, a ban Expand
Animal-Rights Group Mercy For Animals Launches Grant Program To Support Black Activists 
4 DAYS AGO - This week, animal-rights group Mercy For Animals (MFA) launched The People’s Fund, a pilot Expand
Jimmy Fallon Is “Obsessed” with Natalie Portman’s Vegan Cooking Videos
5 DAYS AGO - The Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon revealed he is a big fan of actress Natalie Portman’s Expand
Healthy Plant-Based Foods That Improve Your Blood Flow
5 DAYS AGO - Whether you think about your blood flow or not, it's essential to a healthy body. Did you know Expand



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