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Rescuers Come Together to Help the Animal Victims of California’s Wildfires
7 HRS AGO - As thousands of firefighters continue to battle wildfires blazing across California, rescuers are Expand
Member’s report: APPG meeting on the environmental impact of livestock farming
Indi – East Sussex
12 HRS AGO - Indi @KitWilsonTrust Lab x lurcher Type 4 Years old Female – spayed So loving within her own Expand
Pinto – East Sussex
12 HRS AGO - Pinto @KitWilsonTrust Born July 16 Lurcher Female – Spayed Needs a quiet home preferably Expand
Benny – Hertfordshire
12 HRS AGO - Benny: I am now 6 years old. I’m a loving dog with a big heart but I’ve seen many Expand
Animal Equality Takes to the Mexican Senate to End Cruelty to Animals
14 HRS AGO - InternationalOctober 19th was a historic day for animals in the Mexican Senate. Senator Diva Expand
Freddie – West Sussex
15 HRS AGO - Freddie @HolbrookRescue is about 3 years old, a collie / bull terrier cross, intelligent and Expand
Video: On This Fur Farm, Starved Animals Resort to Cannibalism for Survival
16 HRS AGO - "[M]inks live here in pairs. If one of them dies, then the other eats it. Foxes are also eating Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA
PETA President to Take New Speaking Tour to Albuquerque
17 HRS AGO - What:    PETA President Ingrid Newkirk will reveal what it means to be an unstoppable force for Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA
A Return to D.C.’s ‘Dog Pound’ Days
8 HRS AGO - When the citizens, wildlife and other animals of our city run into trouble and cannot help Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA
Disaster Response team deploys to Dominica to help island ravaged by Hurricane Maria
12 HRS AGO - Publication Date:  Oct 20 2017 Expand
Rocky – East Sussex
12 HRS AGO - Rocky @KitWilsonTrust Lab x Rotti Type 7 Years old Male – neutered Handsome and loyal he Expand
Betty – Hertfordshire
12 HRS AGO - This energetic girl is Betty @ARCcharity, a Lurcher x, she is 4 yrs old, neutered and vaccinated. Expand
Stan – Hertfordshire
13 HRS AGO - This is Stan @ARCcharity he is a 3.5 yr old Lurcher x. Stan is neutered, vaccinated and Expand
Shaggy – West Sussex
15 HRS AGO - Shaggy (girl!!) is quite a shy 5 yr old Sheepdog X, with a very unusual coloured coat. She is good Expand
Jay – West Sussex
15 HRS AGO - Jay @HolbrookRescue is a handsome boy of medium height, about 5 years old. He has just recently Expand
Nat Geo Documentary Paints a Portrait of One of the Fiercest Animal Advocates of All: Jane Goodall
16 HRS AGO - Everyone needs a role model, and the legendary primatologist is certainly one of ours. Watch Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA
Why Do Chickens Matter?
17 HRS AGO - If you’ve never spent any time with chickens, it can be hard to imagine that animals so often Expand
Dogs Drugged With Opioids and Forced to Race
11 HRS AGO - Here's how you can help dogs who are forced to run with bloody paws, strained muscles, stress Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA
Video of People Eating Woodworms Will Sour Your Taste for ‘Seafood’
12 HRS AGO - A video from overseas has people disgusted by the idea of eating woodworms, but revolting things Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA
Minnie – East Sussex
12 HRS AGO - Minnie @KitWilsonTrust Collie x Bred 8 years old Female – spayed Very sweet and Expand
Charlie – Hertfordshire
12 HRS AGO - Charlie @ARCcharity 4 yrs old, male american bulldog cross. This handsome chap came in due to a Expand
Hurricane Harvey Rescues and Much More Featured in September News Roundup
13 HRS AGO - From rescuing animals from hurricane-ravaged Texas to trolling the University of Pittsburgh, check Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA
Marley – West Sussex
15 HRS AGO - Handsome Marley is 7 yr old Lab X who has settled in at @HolbrookRescue very well. We are looking Expand
What Will Your Legacy Be?
15 HRS AGO - Here’s one more way that you can leave your animal-friendly mark on the world. The post What Will Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA
New Report Recommends Ending Routine Poisoning Test on Dogs
17 HRS AGO - After hearing from PETA scientists and other experts, a report commissioned by the Japanese Food Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA



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