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This Hilarious, Fun-Filled Turkey Is Changing Hearts as an Ambassador for His Kind
51 MINS AGO - One amazing turkey named Cornelius has made it his mission to change that.
Mr T – Lancashire
2 HRS AGO - Mr T is a chunky Staffordshire Bull Terrier boy, he is calm, beautifully behaved and excellent to Expand
Scruffy – Wales
3 HRS AGO - Scruffy is an unclaimed stray from a local dog pound.He is approximately 10 yrs old, a good Expand
Biscuit – Blackpool
3 HRS AGO - Biscuit is a 4 year old male Yorkshire Terrier cross looking for a new home. The post Biscuit Expand
Buffy – Lancashire
3 HRS AGO - Buffy is a beautiful ten year old Lakeland cross who came to Bleakholt due to her owners ill Expand
Why Did Dozens of Horses Die in the Southern California Wildfires?
12 HRS AGO - Nestled in the foothills just north of Los Angeles, Rancho Padilla was an idyllic setting for the Expand
Do Dairy-Eaters Dare to See the World Through a Calf’s Eyes?
16 HRS AGO - What:    Beginning on December 15, PETA will be challenging dairy-eaters in Redlands to see—and Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA
Everyone Needs to See ‘Ferdinand,’ and That’s No Bull
18 HRS AGO - Ferdinand' is sweet, funny, and perfect for kids. It's also perfect for bullfighters. The post Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA
22 Cleverly Disguised Vegan Gifts for ‘Bacon People’
19 HRS AGO - Some vegans love the taste of bacon, too, of course—we just prefer ours without the flayed pig Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA
Patsy – Lancashire
2 HRS AGO - Patsy is a young neutered crossbreed girl (probably Patterdale x Staff). She is looking for her Expand
Crash – Lancashire
2 HRS AGO - This is how one of our volunteers describes handsome Crash…. ” Crash reminds me of a Expand
Bonnie – Cumbria
3 HRS AGO - Bonnie is roughly 14 months old. Bonnie has only just come to the centre and is under Expand
Riba – Blackpool
3 HRS AGO - Riba is a 5 year old female Mastiff cross looking for a new home. The post Riba – Blackpool Expand
Austin – Lancashire
3 HRS AGO - Austin is a beautiful eight month old Lab cross Collie who is looking for a new home where he gets Expand
Daily Cute: Friendly Rats Care for Foster Kittens
14 HRS AGO - These rescued kittens at Brooklyn Cat Cafe have found the perfect nannies: rats!
Donate to Save Lives this Holiday Season!
17 HRS AGO - ~ Happy Holidays from Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. ~   We would like to THANK YOU for another Expand
Harlem-Roscoe Firefighters Lauded for Saving Dog and Man Who Fell Through Ice
18 HRS AGO - A Compassionate Fire Department Award is on its way from PETA to the Harlem-Roscoe Fire Protection Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA
New Billboards Blast Coca-Cola for Iditarod Sponsorship
20 HRS AGO - Because Coca-Cola plans to sponsor the 2018 Iditarod despite the race’s recent doping Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA
Toby – Lancashire
2 HRS AGO - Toby is a 5 year old Chi who came to us when his owner died. Being a typical chi he likes his own Expand
Jake – Wales
3 HRS AGO - Jake is an unclaimed stray from a dog pound.He is a little shy at first but soon settles into a Expand
Gus – Cumbria
3 HRS AGO - Gus is 9 months old. He has only just come to the centre and is under assessment. He is a Expand
4 HRS AGO - On Monday Hunt Saboteurs were in action to stop the Gloucester-based Royal Agricultural College Expand
Kasatka, Kyara, and Tilikum Are Dead—Will SeaWorld Take Action Before It’s Too Late for Ulises?
14 HRS AGO - Three orcas have died at SeaWorld this year alone. Urge the ABUSEment park to release Ulises and Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA
Success! No More Live Reindeer Events at Westfield Malls
18 HRS AGO - Reindeer are part of the Christmas tradition for many of us. We may be familiar with the animals Expand
Limited-Edition SUSI Studio x PETA Boots Put the Compassion in Fashion
18 HRS AGO - Just in time for the holiday shopping season, vegan shoemaker SUSI Studio has launched a Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA



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