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All Dogs Matter
Animal Welfare Network Wales
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Animals Asia
Compassion Over Killing
Conservatives Against Fox Hunting
Dogs for the Disabled
Dorset for Badger and Bovine Welfare
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Shenzhen Becomes First City to Ban Dog and Cat Meat in China
2 HRS AGO - An email from the Humane Society International (HSI) announced the Shenzhen became the first city Expand
Busch is Giving Free Beer to People Who Foster or Adopt Dogs During Coronavirus Pandemic
5 HRS AGO - Busch Beer partnered with Midwest Animal Rescue to give 3 months of free beer to people who foster Expand
Mizoram India Introduces New Law To Ban Dog Meat
21 HRS AGO - Right now, all eyes are on China. Many believe the pandemic is a result of them eating bats and Expand
No To Dog Meat Blog
Shared by No To Dog Meat
Stop Culling Mountain Goats and End Capture of Marine Life: 10 Petitions You Should Sign This Week to Help Animals
1 DAY AGO - Sign these petitions to help animals including stopping the culling of mountain goats, ending the Expand
Abandoned Animals Howling for Help in Pet Shop Shut Down due to Coronavirus Were Rescued
1 DAY AGO - Dozens of animals were rescued from a pet shop where they were abandoned during the coronavirus Expand
Petition: Stop Culling Mountain Goats in U.S. National Parks
1 DAY AGO - Sign this petition to stand against the culling of mountain goats in U.S. National parks. The post Expand
Brave Man from Wuhan Risked his Life to Take Care of Pets Abandoned in Apartments During COVID-19 Lockdown
2 DAYS AGO - Ye Jialin risked his life to take care of cats and dogs who were left in apartments all alone Expand
Horse Racing to Continue in Australia Despite COVID-19 Public Health Crisis
2 DAYS AGO - Horse racing in Australia still continues during the coronavirus pandemic, putting people's health Expand
Dolphinarium’s License Revoked at Attica Zoo
3 DAYS AGO - A Dolphin Project team visited the Attica Zoological Parc in Greece in 2018 in order to evaluate Expand
Why You Shouldn’t Support Joe Exotic, the Star of Tiger King
5 HRS AGO - Everyone is watching Tiger King on Netflix and talking about Joe Exotic or Carole Baskin, but what Expand
Petition: Free Elephants Forced to Swim and Perform in Water for Audiences
5 HRS AGO - Sign this petition to save these suffering elephants from a zoo that forces them to swim and Expand
First-Annual World Aquatic Animal Day Is April 3
1 DAY AGO - Because aquatic animals are often excluded from the legal and regulatory frameworks that provide Expand
Striking at the Roots
Shared by Striking at the Roots
Wild Animals Explore and Roam Freely With Humans on Lockdown
1 DAY AGO - With humans on lockdown, animals have been to come out of their lockdown and live more freely. The Expand
Pangolins Get a Break from Extinction Due to Coronavirus Fears
1 DAY AGO - According to the BBC, pangolins remain a suspect in the coronavirus outbreak. The animals were Expand
QUIZ: How Well Do You Know the Sheep of Farm Sanctuary?
1 DAY AGO - Can you tell a Katahdin sheep from a Suffolk? How about an East Friesian from a Romanov? At Farm Expand
Pets Cannot Transmit or Catch Coronavirus
2 DAYS AGO - Health experts have said that no pets can transmit or catch COVID-19, so you can stop worrying Expand
Labs are Euthanizing Rodents Used for Testing Due to Coronavirus Shutdowns
2 DAYS AGO - Labs across the U.S. are killing their rodents in labs. Animals don't even belong there to begin Expand
China Promotes Bear Bile to Treat Coronavirus
3 DAYS AGO - The Chinese government has added a product containing bear bile to treat critical COVID-19 Expand
F1 Driver Lewis Hamilton Compares Self-Isolation to Animals Caged in Zoos
5 HRS AGO - Lewis Hamilton, Formula 1 world champion, compared sheltering in place to avoid spreading Expand
6 HRS AGO - Join our #KeepBritainWagging campaign and share how your pup is keeping your spirits up during Expand
First-Annual World Aquatic Animal Day Is April 3
1 DAY AGO - Because aquatic animals are often excluded from the legal and regulatory frameworks that provide Expand
Animal Welfare - Blog
Shared by Striking at the Roots
Chewy, the Amazon of Pet Supplies, Donates Over $1.7 Million to Animal Welfare Organizations During Pandemic
1 DAY AGO - Pet retailer Chewy announced a donation in excess of $1.7 million to help shelters and animal Expand
Cockfighting Puts People at High Risk for Avian Flu
1 DAY AGO - Animal Wellness Action is recommending that governments in Guam crackdown on cockfighting in light Expand
New York City Sees Huge Increase in Animal Foster Applications!
2 DAYS AGO - In New York City, the epicenter of the coronavirus, Bloomberg reported that two shelters have Expand
China Celebrates “Victory” Over Coronavirus with Markets Selling Bats and Wild Animals Again
2 DAYS AGO - According to a Daily Mail correspondent, markets in China have continued selling bats and wild Expand
Petition: Ban the Snaring of Foxes in the UK for Fur
2 DAYS AGO - Sign this petition to protect British foxes from trappers who snare and bludgeon them to Expand



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