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Meet 10 Stunning Frogs Whose Populations Are Dwindling
14 HRS AGO - April 30 is recognized by some as Save the Frogs Day, so it's a fitting time to share some of Expand
Los Angeles Becomes Largest US City to Ban Wild Animals in Entertainment
1 DAY AGO - Los Angeles, considered the entertainment capital of the world, will no longer tolerate Expand
Rehabilitated Amur tiger released back into the wild in Russia
1 DAY AGO - Publication Date:  Apr 28 2017 Expand
‘Mermaids,’ Human Suspension, Book Signing, and More to Hit Echo Park
2 DAYS AGO - On May Day, the PETA Empathy Center will host four exhibits designed to promote empathy for Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA
Yusuf / Cat Stevens Donates Famous Song to PETA to Fight Animal Homelessness
2 DAYS AGO - Singer-songwriter Yusuf / Cat Stevens has donated his very first hit song—”I Love My Expand
PETA » Blog
Shared by PETA
A Pet Pig is Making Trouble
2 DAYS AGO - A pot-bellied pet pig named Bentley has some behavioral problems
Whisper – Berkshire
2 DAYS AGO - Whisper is just adorable! She is a sweet and gentle girl to handle, but also full of fun and Expand
Ava – Scotland
2 DAYS AGO - Ava is 3 years old and is being rehomed due to a change in owner circumstances. We are assessing Expand
Kia – Lancashire
2 DAYS AGO - Two year old Akita KIA has learnt how to behave around other dogs and is progressing well with Expand
Scientists Discover Rare and Endangered Cat in Borneo
1 DAY AGO - Researchers working in Borneo have captured footage of one of the most elusive and least studied Expand
Seventh rehabilitated Amur tiger released into Russian wilderness
1 DAY AGO - Dr. Maria (Masha) N. Vorontsova Apr 29 Expand
Saving, Protecting, and Respecting Dogs – How We’re Starting an Animal-Loving Revolution in Hanoi
2 DAYS AGO - For a little puppy growing up in Vietnam, it looked like the end had come far too soon. At just a Expand
Max – Berkshire
2 DAYS AGO - Cute little Max was saved from an uncertain fate in a dog pound, and then taken into foster care, Expand
Yuna – West Sussex
2 DAYS AGO - Yuna is a 2 ear old female Lurcher. She is a lively girl, cant be homed with other animals, older Expand
Fern – York
2 DAYS AGO -   Fern (was called Sausage when she came in) – is a little lurcher girl of 22 inches to the Expand
Winston – Cheshire
2 DAYS AGO - Winston from Worcestershire has arrived today!! Another pound dog, this sweet little man is in Expand
Episode 381: Ethan Brown, and Maya Gottfried
1 DAY AGO - Welcome to the 381st episode of Our Hen House!  Mariann welcomes Ethan Brown, Founder and CEO of Expand
United Airlines Must Take Action After Giant Rabbit Dies on Flight
1 DAY AGO - Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for United Airlines, the company is facing Expand
Introducing our New Executive Director
2 DAYS AGO - We have some exciting news from Woodstock Farm Sanctuary! After an extensive national search, our Expand
English Bulldog with Cherry Eye
2 DAYS AGO - Kash has an eye condition many bulldogs face
Rex – Berkshire
2 DAYS AGO - Sweet little Rex was an unwanted dog through no fault of his own,and was handed into a dog pound Expand
Digger – West Sussex
2 DAYS AGO - Digger is a 9 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier x Jack Russell Terrier. He is a lovely boy, Expand
Lexi – Lancashire
2 DAYS AGO - This dignified cross breed lady is six year old LEXI. She is a large girl who is currently very Expand



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