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Vilda Magazine
London has a vegan dive bar
9 HRS AGO - Stop the presses! Did you know that London has a 100% vegan bar situated right next to a 100% Expand
Vegan fast food chain opens 5th location
1 DAY AGO - Plant Power Fast Food, a plant-based fast food restaurant chain based in San Diego, CA, opened its Expand
Five vegan launches you need to know this week
3 DAYS AGO - With the world turning vegan friendly at a rapid rate, it can be tough for a plant-based consumer Expand
UK football club launches bamboo uniforms
6 DAYS AGO - Forest Green Rovers is already recognised by FIFA and UEFA as the world’s greenest football club Expand
#PlasticFreeJuly: Where to Shop Plastic-Free Vegan Fashion
10/07/2019 - The #PlasticFreeJuly campaign was launched by the Plastic-Free Foundation in 2017 to promote a Expand
Circular Fashion Is the Future: A Vilda Editorial
08/07/2019 - Last week saw fast-fashion giant Misguided’s publicity stunt around their £1 bikini. As a Expand
The Top 10 Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Spain
06/07/2019 - Spain has been developing its plant-based food scene for over 30 years, and is home to a Expand
Thursday Post - Earthling Ed's Free E-book Summarised!
04/07/2019 - Ed's amazing book is free for everyone to use, and if you can please donate to his work.You can Expand
Veggie Grill still the best
02/07/2019 - Gil and I were recently in Los Angeles, so I made sure I put some time aside in order to visit a Expand
Plant Based Chef Keith Squires Talks at The Houses of Parliament about Why Vegan!
16 HRS AGO - It has been a busy year for plant based author and chef Keith Squires. Touring India and Australia Expand
Sage Bistro in Los Angeles
2 DAYS AGO - One of the nicest places you could ever hope to have a comfort food experience is Expand
Turtle Bay Cathedral Quarter Blackburn 13th July 2019
4 DAYS AGO - Turtle Bay is a Caribbean restaurant chain in the regenerated Cathedral Quarter, a stones Expand
Vegan recipes blog
Shared by Vegan Olive1
Thursday Post - The End Of Meat, Round 2
7 DAYS AGO - I posted about this film about a month ago, and because its so awesome I need to do it again. The Expand
Vegan grocery store in Mexico City
09/07/2019 - Mr Tofu has had a store front in central Mexico City for a few years, but they have just gone and Expand
UK vegan chocolate bars
06/07/2019 - Sheffield. Have you been into your superstar vegan grocery store lately? Well, I’ve got a Expand
Vegan white chocolate
05/07/2019 - You are going to need to be VERY fast to get your hands on some of these delights. ConVEctionery Expand
How Ethical Are Your Crystals?
04/07/2019 - Crystals have been a hot trend for a few seasons now, and chances are you own at least one of Expand
Roasted Red Pepper and Chickpea Korma
01/07/2019 - Roasted Red Pepper and Chickpea Korma A stunning recipe from VV TV friend Marlene Watson- Expand
Is Your Makeup Really Cruelty-Free?
18 HRS AGO - To be cruel is to ‘wilfully cause pain or suffering to others’. When we test make-up on animals Expand
Make a Brew with Totem Tea
2 DAYS AGO - As many of you know by now, I am a total tea addict. With an entire wall of tea stacked shelves, Expand
Vegan tacos in Mexico City
5 DAYS AGO - If you have been toying with the idea of visiting Mexico City but need an extra slice of Expand
New vegan menu at Chiquito in UK
10/07/2019 - The UK’s biggest Mexican restaurant Chiquito has launched a new vegan menu and Oumph! is now Expand
New vegan chicken pizzas by Fry’s
08/07/2019 - Great news, pizza lovers! The Fry Family Food Co. has just launched two amazing-looking vegan Expand
ScouseVeg Monthly Gathering – August 2019
06/07/2019 - Friday the 2nd - Spend a pleasant summer evening with some pleasant company... The post ScouseVeg Expand
Vegetarian & Vegan Blog
Shared by ScouseVeg
Vegan cinema experience in LA
04/07/2019 - Don’t you just hate when you go to a cinema and there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for vegans to Expand
Vegans on social media
03/07/2019 - This article was originally published as my monthly column in Vegan Life Magazine. You can find Expand



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